Getting with the Habits of Health

I’ve been re-reading Dr. A’s Habits of Health, and going back through the workbook as I near transition on my diet.  I guess when things start to click, they really click!  I’ve read dozens of diet books in my lifetime.  So many of them “made sense”.  Others were “off the wall” or just plain silly!  But somehow this particular book really struck a chord with me.

While I found great tidbits throughout the book, the entire “Part I” of the book is what helped me turn the corner.  Dr. Anderson seems to have a way to bring home the ideas that:

  1. There are things about our biology, both male and female, that make it difficult to maintain a proper weight, when coupled with the conveniences that have come into our lives in the past 50 years.
  2. We need to find our own motivation to change, but often allowing someone else help us through that change can make all of the difference.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, having a health coach who I could call upon whenever I needed to was the tipping point for met.
  3. Health is about choice.  Every time we eat the wrong food, drink the wrong drink, or fail to do our exercise, we are CHOOSING the path we’re on.
  4. Evaluating our health is an ongoing process.  Where we are TODAY is how we choose for today, tomorrow and the weeks to come.  We need to make that evaluation regularly, and change our choices to reflect where we are today.
This is all going to be very important for my own progress in the coming weeks.  I will be moving to transition and no longer relying entirely on the meal replacement options to keep me on the straight and narrow.  I’m pretty confident that I can make the right choices.  Not only have a decided in my own head that I need to, but I now have a support system, both in my house and outside to help me follow through with those choices.

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