30 pounds!

I remember going on vacation, being so proud that I had lost 20 pounds up to that point.  And my success at mostly maintaining my weight during the vacation really surprised me.  Obviously, even though I “went off plan” during those weeks to an extent, just the process of doing the Medifast diet, and the support of my coach, helped me to pay closer attention to what I was eating overall.

I have now reached my 30 pound weight loss mark.  I’m nearing time to start transition off of the 5 and 1 plan in the next couple of weeks.  When I look back at how many diets I’ve gone through in my adult lifetime, it’s really quite amazing to see how easily I shed the pounds this time.  Part of that was just my own determination.  Part of it was the products that helped me to get where I am now.  But most importantly, I believe, was a good coach who guided me through the plan on a weekly (sometimes daily!) basis, to keep me honest and help me focus my goals when I was feeling less than focused.  Even though I had gone to countless meetings, checkins and the like on various other diets, having an individual who knows my name, knows exactly where I am in my process when we speak, and has an interest in helping me one-on-one was absolutely the difference this time around.  My own coach Susan lost 20 pounds, and her husband lost 30 pounds on this plan, and both of them have kept the weight off now for over three years. In addition to the great coaching experience, I found the book and workbook associated with this program to be very well thought out.  I’ve read it all before of course (with as many diet books as I’ve gone through), but these books made sense to me, and the workbook really made me think about it all in a different light.  You can see the books here.

After discussing all of this with my coach Susan, we decided that I would probably make a pretty good coach myself!  So I’ve started the process of not only transitioning off of the 5 and 1 plan back to “reality”, but also to transition to being a coach for the plan myself.

If you know of someone who could benefit from losing some weight, or really just learning more about overall nutrition and taking back control of eating habits and health, I’d be thrilled to help out.


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