Who would have thought a new blender would make such a difference!

I’m a little embarrassed!  I mean I’ve been on this plan for 5 months now, and I just started using a new blender for some items that I didn’t eat much of before.  I have a wonderful Vitamix Blender that I love for almost everything EXCEPT single serving Medifast items.  For one, the Vitamix blender container is too big, and since it has a fixed blade (you can’t unscrew the bottom), getting thick things like pudding and soft serve out of it are just a little bit of a challenge, since they are so far down in the container to start with.  Since I’m only eating about 1000 calories a day, every little drop of my Medifast options are important to me!

Pudding wasn’t one of my loves.  Not that I didn’t like the flavor, but I never could get it mixed up to my satisfaction without a lot of work, and in the blender, I felt like too much got left behind under the blade.  Soft serve is also just yummy.  But in my Vitamix blender, it was so hard to get all of it out of the container, and I felt like it was just too much trouble.  So, now that I’m nearing the point to start weaning myself off of the 5 & 1 plan, I’m finding that I have a big stack of pudding and soft serve that I’ve just never bothered to eat.

So, I purchased a HealthMate Blender.  At first it didn’t seem to crush the ice as well as my Vitamix (which made snow of the ice in one or two pulses!).  But after playing around with it a bit, I’ve managed to make some pretty good soft serve with it.  It takes more time and effort than the Vitamix, but at least I can get down to the last drop of the soft serve this way!

As for the pudding, the HealthMate Blender has made a big difference there too.  I use really cold water (on the thick side for me), whip it up in a blender cup and then if I’m feeling really decadent I put a splash of sugar free Torani caramel syrup on the top and pretend I’m having crème caramel.

I wish I had actually thought to do this near the beginning of my journey!  But hopefully it will help some others out there to find ways to get more enjoyment out of some of the Medifast options that really require some power to blend up!


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