Strawberry/Banana Shakes

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not terribly fond of either the strawberry shakes or the banana shakes.  But I have found that mixing the two together is a good deal!

Today I took a packet each of the strawberry and banana shakes and mixed them in a container.  Then I used half of the mixture to make my shake.  I make my shakes in a blender.  I start with a handful of ice and throw it in the blender.  It comes up a bit higher than 1 cup on the blender’s measuring marks.  Then I add water to the 1 cup mark.  I give that a good kick (high on my VitaMix) until it is mostly like wet crushed ice.  Then I add in the shake powder and give it another couple of whirls on high.

I think I’ll be able to manage to use up the strawberry and banana shake mixes now, even though they are not my favorites.  Mixed together they make a nice shake that I like!

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