One week down

One week has passed since I began my new diet, and I’m very happy to report that I’ve lost 4 pounds.  Luckily I have a scale the weighs in 1/10 pounds, and every single day this week I’ve seen a drop on the scale, even if only a miniscule 1/10 of a pound!  It’s been a good week.

After using the products for a week, I have some likes, some dislikes, and some discoveries.  A couple of the discoveries involve the cooked foods like oatmeal and pancakes.

Oatmeal: It took some getting used to the oatmeal texture.  I found that for my microwave at least, I need to use the full 3/4 cup of water (from the 1/2 to 3/4 cup recommendation) in order to get the right texture.  And the oatmeal must sit for about 5 minutes before it thickens up enough for the texture to be appealing to me.

Pancakes: I attempted to make multiple pancakes, but it simply didn’t work well for me.  I find that one pancake turns out better for thickness and consistency.  This was especially true for me with the chocolate chip pancakes.  All of the chips would settle on the bottom of the shaker cup, and so only one pancake would get any chips if I didn’t make one pancake.

Family Feuds: If you are going to bake your Medifast Chocolate Brownie, and you don’t have anything luscious and chocolaty in the house for the rest of your family, be prepared for a revolt!

I also have some dislikes, mostly in the form of shakes and puddings.  I’m not a huge pudding fan anyway, but I really cannot seem to get the lumps out of my pudding!  So I’ll be unlikely to order more pudding down the road, unless I want to try out some of the baking recipes for cookies and such that I’ve found around the Internet,

Also, I really only seem to like the chocolate flavored shakes.  Both the dutch chocolate and the dark chocolate work quite well for me.  I do NOT like the french vanilla, banana or strawberry shakes.  They will not appear on future orders for me.  For this round of products, I’m going to do some experimenting in the next week by mixing chocolate/strawberry, strawberry/banana, chocolate/vanilla to try to find a better shake blend using the products in the 4-week combo package.

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