This seems to work with my day

Today I was struck with a realization as to why Medifast seems to be working well for me, whereas plans like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers have been less effective.  I’m easily consumed by my day, PLUS I have a family that enjoys quality dinner time together!  What a concept!

As far as that day that gets away from me,  I often get up in the morning, get my son off to school, and then get totally engrossed in a project and forget what time it is!  Easy foods are great for me during the day.  And by easy I mean it takes only a minute or two to grab some food and go.  Nutrisystem was pretty good in this regard, but Weight Watchers was difficult for me.  Preparing lunch or a snack always seemed to involve more work that I wanted to put into the process.  Every couple of hours I can make myself take a break long enough to walk to the kitchen and grab a bar or blend up a shake.  I can even usually coax myself into the 5 minutes or so it takes to heat up a bowl of soup.  So the busy day syndrome isn’t bothering me with Medifast.

Then dinner comes around and my family converges at the dinner table.  We like to sit around dinner, discussing the day’s events, and catching up on activities.  I have to say that Nutrisystem was a failure in this regard for me.  Preparing a healthy, yummy dinner for my family, and then heating up what always seemed a paltry prepackaged meal was never a good incentive for me to stay on the program.  Weight Watchers was better in this regard, but there was so much counting involved in Weight Watchers that I wasn’t enjoying it all that much.  Our meals often consist of a lean protein, green veggies, a starch of some kind, and good conversation.  So, just preparing in many cases what I would have been preparing anyway, and pushing the potatoes, rice or pasta off on the rest of the family, is a very natural way for me to handle the Lean and Green portion of the Medifast diet.

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