Exercise, exercise

I’ve made it to 12 pounds lost now.  I will admit that I had a “setback” that my coach attributes to one lousy glass of wine!  Oy!  But, when you really are counting on chemistry coupled with calorie limits to do the work, adding 100 calories of what becomes mostly sugar definitely can derail the chemistry train!  So, the weekend of Easter, I popped up two pounds, and thus have had a bit of a battle getting down to 12 pounds net loss.

The one thing that is helping now I think is exercise.  I had refrained from a lot of exercise early on (at the advice of my coach, since I was slashing my calorie intake, and needed to adjust to that first), and now I’m starting to see the scale move downward again.  I do a combo of treadmill walking (not much of a runner here) and exercise videos.  My favorite is Gilad’s Total Body Workout.  Doesn’t hurt that he’s a hunk, and all of the scenery is Hawaii!

I’m hoping that by the next post I will be down 14 pounds total, because that will dip me below the next “10″ in actual weight on the scale, and dropping down to a 9 at the end of the weight total is very satisfying.


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