If my mother is reading this, she will be laughing.  I’m just not an egg eater!  Scrambled or omelet is about the only way I can manage an egg.  That said, as a child I was known to fry up an egg white in butter and scarf that down!

It’s with amazement that I report that the Medifast “Scrambled Eggs” are really not all that bad (as eggs go in general and powdered eggs specifically).   I haven’t decided whether or not I will actually keep this item on my monthly order, but I’ve eaten about 3 of the 7 packages they sent me.

I’ll point out that I don’t microwave these eggs (although that’s the cooking instructions given).  I just fry them up with a light spray of cooking spray.  I’ve even managed to make a mostly foldable omelet out of them, and I can barely do that with real eggs either, so in my opinion they behave about the same as real egg for an omelet.  I suspect that if you have a non-stick pan for your eggs, you would need no cooking spray at all.  We, however, have NO non-stick pans in our house.  We have birds instead (you can meet them here if you are so inclined).  Bird owners know that an accidentally overheated Teflon pan can kill a bird in less than a minute, so we’ve simply banned the pans from the house.  Honestly, although birds have a much different respiratory system than humans, I think it’s a good thing for all humans to limit their exposure to PTFE when possible!  Now off the soapbox and on to eating eggs!

A little bit of fresh pico de gallo, or some chopped fresh herbs on top makes a huge difference as well.

Down another pound since my last report.  So that’s a total of 8 pounds in  just under three weeks.

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