Social Dieting? Join our 6 weeks to a Healthier you Challenge


The name may sound odd, but “social dieting” is not a new idea. Diet plans that have meetings and group weigh-ins have been around for decades. I’m participating as a coach in the “6 Weeks to a Healthier You Challenge”, which can be thought of as “social dieting”. One of the goals is to lose 6% of your body weight during the challenge, or if you are at a happy body weight, pledge to not go about 1% of your current weight. Prizes are determined by how many people join the challenge and “ante up”. But of course the real “win” is working hard to reach a new weightloss goal.

Did you know that a Mayo Clinic study shows that people lose 3 times more weight as part of a group, than on their own? Additionally, if they compete as a group against another group they are 5 times more successful? I’d love you to join my team in the 6 WEEKS TO A HEALTHIER YOU CHALLENGE!

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Let’s do this together!


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