Out with the old

It’s been awhile since I posted.  Busy, busy, busy.  But I’ve lost 19 pounds now, and I’m hoping for 20 by next week.  That would be awesome.

One thing I’ve done very differently with this diet, is that I’ve made a pledge to get rid of any clothes that are too large for me RIGHT AWAY.  In the past, I’ve had multiple sizes of jeans and other clothing to choose from, so letting the weight slowly inch up on me has never made me say “I have absolutely nothing to wear”.  I do believe that’s been an unconscious license to gain weight!

So today, as I sit in the sun (well, when the clouds don’t float by and drop the temps too much!) at our annual garage sale, there are a number of items (mostly pants and skirts) that I’m saying goodbye to forever.

The next time I have to shop for clothes because nothing fits, it will be because all of my clothes are GONE.


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