Get ready for the holidays (and save $25)

I’ve been “practicing” for the holidays this past month it seems! I had the following going on:

  1. Novell’s BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City.
  2. 10 day visit from my mother.
  3. Mini “family reunion” at my cousin’s house to celebrate my mother’s visit.

All three of these posed special challenges for the “maintenance me”.

The conference was great fun, and I would say overall I did GREAT when it came to food. I took my “maintenance” meals with me, and chose a sensible dinner in the evening.  I had a microwave in the hotel, so every morning I made oatmeal, and then made soup and put it in a thermos to take with me for lunch.  I had snacks with me, and even took my brownies so some evenings I could make a brownie in the microwave.  That said, our group has been known to “party” and I had at least one alcoholic beverage a night (a couple of nights I guess I had a “few”).  I came home two pounds over my goal weight, but in the three days between returning from the conference and welcoming my mother for her visit, I was back down to my goal weight.

Mom and the family stuff was also a little more difficult.  I realized just how easy the plan has been for me “at home alone”.  It was a little more complicated with another person with me all day.  But even at that, I stayed within two pounds of my goal weight while entertaining my guest, and a few days after her departure I was back to where I needed to be.

The support I got not only from my coach but also my clients was astounding.  Having clients tell me “you did so well losing your weight, I’m sure you can manage it now in maintenance” made a huge difference to me.  The support structure in the plan has kept and continues to keep my eye on the target.  This seems more important to me now on maintenance than it was when I was actively on the plan.

We’re gearing up for holiday season, starting with Hallowe’en and candy excesses tonight!  So stay focused.

To help you out now, and as we near the holiday season in November and December, I’m offering a $25.00 credit to anyone who orders through me through November 15, 2011.  So contact me here or on Facebook ( if you want to get started.  If you are already one of my clients, you can use this offer as well!  AND, if you share this info with your friends, and I get referrals from you, I will give your friend a $25 credit, and give you a $5.00 credit for each referral.  Your friend just has to tell me your name when contacting me.  Go to, look to see what you want to order, and then let me know so I can get you set up and put the credit on your account.

Let’s work together to get through this holiday season healthy and thin!


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